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Game Description:
Halloween. The spirits have waken up the jack-o'-lanterns and appointed them as troublemakers. Your task is to stack the pumpkins up before the time runs out so that all of them can be expelled from the graveyard. Opening with two columns of pumpkins, you will be given a horizontal bar to place 2 pumpkins on each side of a row. Move your mouse vertically to select a row, then click to place the two pumpkins. When 3 or more pumpkins of the same type are adjacent to each other, they will be removed. The next two pumpkins to be placed are shown at the top right corner. A bone will allow you to remove the whole row of pumpkins at the same time, while the skull will remove all pumpkins of the same type. Take notice of the timer at the top left corner, as the witch will cast a spell every 60 seconds and the number of pumpkins in the graveyard will increase. She will flash a light as a warning when the timer counts down to the last 10 seconds. Also bear in mind that when you advance in the game, more pumpkins of different faces will appear. When the pumpkins reach the edge of the graveyard, the game ends. Stop the disobedient jacks before they go too far!

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