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Game Description:
Fill in the blanks and arrange your deck! Your task in this game is to rearrange the cards so that each tableau pile contains cards of the same suit from 2 to K from left to right. When the game starts, 52 standard playing cards will be evenly distributed onto 4 tableau piles. Then the 4 aces will be removed and 4 gaps will appear. When a gap is located on the right side of a card, you can click and drag the immediately higher ranking card of the same suit to fill the gap, for example, when a gap is on the right of the 2 of spades, you can move the 3 of spades to occupy the empty position. The leftmost gap on a tableau pile is to be filled by a 2. If all gaps are on the right of K cards, then no cards can be moved to the empty spaces. In this case, you can press the Shuffle button at the top of the screen so that the cards not yet in order can be reshuffled. You will start the game with 60000 points, but each step you take will result in a deduction of 100 points and a reshuffle will cost you 10000 points, so make wise decisions to achieve your goal!

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