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Eyesight Challenge GAME

Game Description:
After an overnight party with friends, you need to tidy the living room before your parents come back home from trip. Your goal in the game is to locate the listed items in a room filled with different objects. When the game starts, the packing list will be presented at the bottom of the screen, showing the names of the required items. Observe the items in the room, then click to pick up the correct objects. 1000 points will be awarded for each correct item, but any wrong click will lead to a deduction of 2000 points. If you cannot locate any of the listed items, you may click the Hint button on the right of the list, but each time you do so you will lose 3000 points. The amount of time you have spent will be recorded above the Hint button. Clear the mess as quickly as possible to prevent a disaster after your parents are back!

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